Team Spindfilm

SpindFilm is run by the same people that have developed and run Temte Productions for the last 10 years.

Espen Andersen has been involved in development and management of many different companies. He now works as a sales manager at " Albjerk Auto" a Audi dealer in Drammen.

Board member in Temte Productions Thea Glimsdal Temte, is a tailor and designer, and runs her own company. She has, among other things, worked with theatre production for the last 10 years.

Chairman of Temte Productions Espen Andersen is one of the founders of "Norsk Mteforum". He is the former marketing director of Strmsgodset Football Club and runs his own real estate company. He has also worked with theatre production both part-time and full-time.

Managing director of Temte Productions Rune Temte has a degree in economics from The London School of foreign trade in London and from BI in Norway. He has produced theatre for 15 years and 2 short films in 2005. Temte has been involved in many artistic projects for film, television and theatre both in Norway and abroad.